Changing the rules of coffee



It all started with our sickness of unhealthy energy drinks. Ironically, the very stuff that’s supposed to give us energy and make us feel better is more often than not full of artificial crap. 

Together with our friend and fellow cold brew lover Tim ”Avicii” Bergling we decided to start Mode Cold Brew with the mission to clean up the dirty energy drink industry. How we would do it? By changing the rules of coffee! 

Mode’s functional cold brew coffees are today the 100% natural alternative to artificial energy drinks, and with its smooth refreshing taste more than the average cup of coffee can offer. 

When Tim tragically passed away our purpose became clearer and more important than ever. To let more people function and feel better naturally.

We believe that living in the city surrounded by stress and must dos hard to get away from is not a sustainable or active way of living. With our philosophy “Find your Mode” we want to inspire to find balance and your true passion in life. This is the only way to function in the long run.

Today, we support the Tim Bergling Foundation by donating 10% of our profit to raise mental health awareness and fight climate change. 

Making delicious and healthy coffee is great, but contributing to a better functioning world is even greater.